Wojack Hendrickson Design Case Study

Client: Tanzania Health Partnership

New Logo Design and Brand for Nonprofit’s Name Change

SITUATION: After twenty years Dodoma Tanzania Health Development –  decided on a new name that reflects who they are now and will be in the future. Previously, there was confusion around the former name. This Minnesota based nonprofit supports Tanzania-led healthcare at Dodoma Christian Medical Center — a 50-bed medical center that serves nearly 100,000 patients every year. The new name ‘Tanzania Health Partnership’ was selected and needed a new brand  and logo.

WHY WORK WITH Wojack Hendrickson Design?
The executive director chose Wojack Hendrickson Design for her knowledge of the mission, extensive design experience, along with her creative and strategic solutions. Nancy at that point had worked on the nonprofit’s newsletters and fundraising materials for over four years.

“We have worked with Nancy for several years, and her wisdom and design talent are unbeatable. With every design piece she elevates our messaging with thoughtful layouts and appealing design features, and recently she helped us create a vibrant new brand identity to strategically support our organization’s mission and vision. Nancy always exceeds our expectations and is fun and easy to work with!”

Anne L. Hussian, 

Executive Director, Tanzania Health Partnership

Wojack Hendrickson Design Services & Project Role:
– Designed the new logo and brand that brings health and hope to people of Tanzania through healthcare.
– Chose brand colors using yellow, green, blue and black from the Tanzania flag which adds brightness and vitality.
– The chosen medallion logo feels solid and sustainable, along with the cross which subtly says healthcare.
– Created a border pattern gives the brand some lively energy.
– Developed a branded newsletter template with the new logo, tagline, fonts, pattern bar and color palette.
– Applied new brand, logo, fonts and colors to: letterhead, envelope, business card, donation and remittance envelopes, return labels, thank you cards, email newsletter templates, invitations, fundraising programs and social media graphics.
– Assembled a Brand Guide for consistent future use.
– Collaborated with the executive director, development and communications manager, the board and the founders of this organization.

THE RESULTS:  The new identity is compassionate, inspiring and exciting, which makes people want to learn more and support this hospital’s mission. Tanzania Health Partnership is able to connect with new audiences and grow their donor base, including outreach to collaborate with other medical partners. This new brand has lead to a new vibrancy and energy to their marketing efforts and fundraising materials – which has poised the hospital for future growth.

Wojack Hendrickson Design:
Logo Design, Brand Redesign, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Newsletter Design, Brand Guide, Business Identity